Thursday, January 20, 2011

A time for color

So I've started a new series of butterflies, which have the same organic flow to them that my fairy logo for my business does. They're also very colorful, which is good because I need more color in my shop :) And they're fun to do because they only take a few hours and so they're easy to reproduce and I love to use marker. Plus, since they're so much easier for to make I don't have to charge so much for originals, which I think most people would prefer to buy, if they're going to buy art at all. What do you think?


Jay Ferris said...

These are impossibly symmetrical. Meaning you are either a robot or Photoshop master. I'm thinking robot... Fembot, to be exact.

Amanda said...

Haha! Thanks Jay :) My secret is trace paper.

wilybrunette said...

beautiful--really lovely!

and i hope the breaker of your heart is easy to get over...but oh how i know that feeling.

Melanie's Randomness said...

Oh these are pretty!! =)

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