Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Once Upon a Time

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I just have to put it out there: I am so obsessed with, inspired, and over-the-moon excited by this show. The twists on the fairy tales are so genius, I mean, the storytelling. The storytelling. And the actors are as amazing as the characters they play. My favorite is Rumplestiltskin. (Come on, isn't he just the best villain that you can't help but root for?)

And all the love stories.

There are so many. The obvious love stories like Snow and Charming, and the ones between families, which I think are more of the foundation of the show as well as the fairy tales. I think that's the point the writers are trying to make. It's not really about the love stories between princes and princesses, but about the stories of love that made them who they are, that got them to where they needed to be to find their prince or princess. That's what everyone watching can relate to. How you can be angry at a parent, but can't help your love for them. How some of us just want to believe in the good we see in people, no matter how many times those people may choose the other side.

So, back to the storytelling (I feel like I'm all over the place with this show). I really like that it's told the same way Lost was, focusing on one character per episode. If you never watched Lost (really?! Come on! Get on that bandwagon!), every episode was told in the present and then flashed back to the past about one particular character. You are told in each episode exactly what you need to know about the past in order for what's going on in the present to make sense. Like I said, genius storytelling. They always drop just enough on you in each episode to bring out the exclamations of surprise, on top of which I'm usually crying and laughing too. Because, ultimately, you become attached to the characters, you feel for them. The root of a good story is well-developed characters. The characters are the story.

All of these aspects put together and what do you get? A story you just can't stop thinking about.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Dream House: Entry ways and Powder Baths

I think the entry is probably one of the most important areas in the home; it's also one of my least favorite. I honestly don't care much about the entry, so I don't spare much thought for it. I suppose once I do have a house to design, I might feel very different. I do, however, love powder bathrooms. I think the two kind of go hand in hand so I'm posting my inspirations for both areas this month. Enjoy!

 photo AptTherapy-JWSInteriors.jpg
 photo MetHome-StephanieOdegard.jpg
 photo MetHome-BarryDixon.jpg
 photo AptTherapy-Garrett.jpg
 photo ED-DevinKirk.jpg
 photo HB-MichaelBerman.jpg
 photo hollywood8.jpg
 photo HB-milesredd.jpg
 photo MetHome-KyleGaffneyampShannonRankin.jpg
 photo MetHome-ShamirShah.jpg
 photo karapaslaydesigns9.jpg

I notice a trend with the powder bathrooms: single round or rectangular mirrors against a backdrop of a patterned wallpaper or tile. It's probably the only part of the house I'd enjoy that much loud pattern and color. My favorites are the first photo and the last. If anyone can tell me where that little console table in the entryway is from, I'd love you forever!

Monday, April 14, 2014


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Something I've realized lately is how often I use the word "hate" in my everyday language. As simple as agreeing with someone in their story of being stuck in traffic: "I hate it when that happens!"

The truth is, there are few things I actually hate. Hate is very powerful, and I fear that too many of us have become blasé in our speech, too complacent with not giving any thought to the words we use.

The danger is words have weight.

Even when we aren't using the word in the context we really mean it, it still has weight, it still has an impact. The more you use one word, the more weight it has, the more power you give it. And when it's a negative, well, it's just as powerful as a positive. And that goes for words spoken in your mind, the things you say to yourself. They create ideas that we live by over time. It's no wonder that Christopher Nolan used the notion in Inception of a tiny idea and how it can change the course of someone's entire life.

Have you ever noticed how a single negative thought or word will usually ripple into more negative thoughts, like dominoes? And before you know it, the weight is too much and you are powerless to stop the onslaught. But you are feeding the thoughts, the words. You give them power.

So why not give that power to positive? Instead of feeding someone's (or your own) negativity, why not say what you really mean: "I agree with you" or "I know what you mean." People, first and foremost, want to be heard. Let them know you hear them, that they're not alone. Then give them something positive in return, whether it's through spoken words, or a gesture (never underestimate the power of a hug), or even just a thought.

I recently read an article via A Cup of Jo by Akhil Sharma who prays for others when he's feeling bad. It could be so simple as thinking the words "I love you." It's such a beautiful idea, one that I feel compelled to try. I know I'd rather have less hate in my life and more love.

Thursday, April 3, 2014


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I'm absolutely in love with this show; the characters, the story. It melds this line between real ideas of death/souls/the afterlife with magic and the supernatural. And the characters. Oh, my God, the characters. I find myself yelling, laughing, crying at them/for them in every episode. (And my heart is breaking while I'm writing this because the show ends on Monday.) It must start with my obsession with all things vampire, (My favorite show of all time is Buffy, which inspired the novel I'm currently writing.) but that's really beside the point.

This last season has dealt so much with "what if's." A recent episode had Sally (the ghost on the far left) travel back in time where she changed the events of her own death, and in effect, created an alternate reality. It got me thinking about how the tiniest things- choices, events, circumstances, things you might think of as coincidental, or inconsequential- end up setting in motion a chain of events that lead to something huge. And that something huge can't happen without that something tiny.

The catalyst.

Think about every great story, and that one event that starts everything: what we writers like to call the "inciting incident." If that event never happened there wouldn't be a story, or the story could go in a drastically different direction. So fundamental and so simple at the same time.

One of my favorite examples is Harry Potter (I know, I know. But really, it is perfect for this). The inciting incident doesn't even happen in the books, and, up until book 5, it's that Voldemort tries to kill Harry. But it really goes back to why Voldemort wanted to kill Harry in the first place. Snape overhears the first part of a prophecy and the whole things stems from that. If Snape might have heard the whole prophecy, the story probably wouldn't have even been about Harry. An entire book could be written about the possibilities of what might have happened had Voldemort heard the full prophecy. Like I said, simple. So much beauty in storytelling is in the simplicity.

And in life too. It brings to mind 500 Days of Summer when Summer tells Tom that he was right about meeting the right person. That if she hadn't been at that particular café at that time on that day, she might never have met her husband. You never know where the smallest decision may take your life.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Dinner Party: The End

This is the end of this story, which I've come to think of as Dinner Party, and I think that's what I'll continue to call it. I'd love to keep writing short stories on my blog and post them weekly as serials. Monthly and bi-monthly is obviously much too long of a wait. (Don't everyone all agree with me at once.) Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. Or maybe you'll hate the end. Either way, I'd love to hear your thoughts.
If you haven't joined the party yet, you can catch up on all the previous parts here.

 photo coldplay-midnight2.png
from Coldplay's music video for Midnight

Who are you? Luke said at the same time Henry said, Its a ship?! I hadnt heard Henry that excited since Star Wars came out on Blu-ray.
Im Mrs. Coles neighbor, the man said, stepping forward with his hand outstretched to Lida. Im so sorryI couldnt help but overhear your argument. Rob was killed in the, uhdisturbance. I cant even begin to tell youIm so sorry. And he truly looked it. He seemed more upset than Lida, who was obviously in shock.
Well, earthquakes happen. Lida sounded like she had a terrible head cold. Im sorry, I know weve met a few times, your name is David and yourumother half, I cant remember his name.
Caleb, he said.
It really is a ship? Henry repeated. One that flies in space? He had his phone pointed at the ship and I knew he was taking photos, maybe even recording.
David nodded.
Now that I knew what it was, the form of a spacecraft emerged before my eyes like one of those 3D hidden images that you have to stare at and let your eyes cross. It looked huge to me but then it probably wasnt half as large as Lidas house, just taller. Its exterior was nearly the same color as the wall of stone surrounding it, like camouflage.
How is that possible? Luke said. I mean, does that meanyou came from space?
Youre an alien? Juliet blurted out.
Lida laughed that uncomfortable kind of laugh. Juliet, dont be rude! Of course hes not an alien! Does he look like an alien to you? Lida could always be counted on to supply social niceties in awkward situations. It was impressive, really. And she did have a point: David didnt look like an alien at all.
But what did aliens look like?
Well, David said. I suppose here on earth, thats what youd call me. On my planet, my people would call you aliens.
Either hes delusional or Im stuck in an episode of the Twilight Zone. Probably both.
Youre joking, right? Alex said.
David just smiled.
Actually, this all looks like a movie set, Luke said.
What movie? Henry said, sounding much more defensive than the situation called for.
I dont know, Im just saying, Luke said, his tone pacifying. Were in Hollywood. They can do pretty much anything in the movies nowadays.
It was true. The ship looked like something straight out of Star Wars; mainly like the Millenium Falcon the way the front tapered in from the rounded back. Parts of it protruded in random places that I had mistaken for rocks before.
Henry shook his head like the rest of us were too stupid to see something completely obvious. I thought he was taking this a little too personal. Being obsessed with scifi and fantasy, I could see how this was like one of his dreams come true, but what if this man who told us he was an alien was actually a psychopath who had somehow led them all down here to kill them?
I put my hand on Henrys arm. Henry, come on. We dont have any proof that thats a spaceship or that David is actually an alien.
Okay, Henry said, looking to David. There has to be some way to prove to us youre an alien. Why dont you turn the ship on?
It was on. Its what caused the earthquake, or what you thought was an earthquake. We were actually making room to get the ship out.
What? Luke said.
So quickly that I thought Id imagined it, a door appeared on the rock wall next to the ship, and a man stepped through it, closely followed by another man and a woman. Then, from the corner closest to the door, a floor to ceiling window quickly materialized as though someone were wiping away the false façade of stone. A room appeared behind the glass that looked like Lidas living room: crisp, white walls, plush sofas, and a fireplace alight with flames.
Oh, my…” Lida said.
Shit! Alex said, as Juliet and I simultaneously gasped and stepped back a few feet.
The man who had emerged first sighed. Youre showing them?
They know, David said. No point hiding any of it now. The ship will be gone, we destroyed their house, and Rob is dead.
Someone died? This man spoke with an Italian accent, as did the woman, who appeared to be his wife. Caleb! We told you we should warn the neighbors!
By telling them we knew there was going to be an earthquake?! Caleb said defensively.
No, the truth, the woman said.
Its moot now, David said, gesturing to the newcomers. This is Caleb, Victor and Isabel. Normally, Id invite you all in for a drink, but Victor and Isabel need to leave.
And go where? Henry said.
Home, Victor said.
Isabel shook her head. No, new home.
Caleb was already at the ship and a door was opening downward like a drawbridge.
Isabel put her hand on Lidas shoulder. We are so sorry for your husband. It was an accident.
I know, Lida said.
Isabel gave David one last smile, then joined Victor at the ship. They held hands as they walked up the ramp.
Well have to come in here, David said, gesturing to the hidden room. It wont be safe out here.
It was warm inside. I hadnt realized how cold I was. My hair was still damp.
Why arent you and Caleb going with them? Henry said.
Our planet died long ago. We have no interest in moving our life to a new one.
Are there others here on earth?
Yes, but most are leaving. All communication has stopped, so the time to go is now.
Did you have something to do with the planes malfunctioning? Luke asked, understanding dawning on his face.
Well, David hesitated. That was an unforeseen complication. Our communication signals are very strong.
Unforeseen? Luke said. How could you not know it would affect the planes?
We havent communicated with our home ship since before airplanes were invented.
Luke looked dumbfounded. How long have you been here?
We came here and crashed into this hill long before civilization came to it; long before America was America. David seemed lost in thought for a moment, lost somewhere in time. Long before Victor and Isabel crash landed on earth. Im glad we could give them our ship. It all seemed to work out for the best.
Except for that earthquake that killed Rob, Alex said bitterly. Im the one who really loves him, but no one gives me their sympathies.
Thats because the mistress never deserves the sympathies, Lida said. She was sitting in one of the sofas with her head back and her eyes closed.
I found it mind boggling that in the midst of all of this life-altering information about beings from another planet we could still come back to whom Rob loved more.
David frowned. Im sorry for both of you, he said quietly to Alex. Love isnt always easy.
Caleb came through the door just in time to hear this statement from David. Lida snorted as though in agreement and cringed at the pain in her nose.
Love, Caleb said, half laughing. You know those two arent going back for the same reasons.
Yes, but its what they both want, David said.
The two men who claimed to be aliens shared a look, a kind of silent discussion that only two people whove known each other a very long time can share.
So I suppose being gay isnt just a human thing, Alex said.
Alex! I said, incapable of holding back a surprised laugh.
What? Im just curious!
Both Caleb and David were smiling, sharing in some private joke.
Where we come from, in our true forms, David explained, gender isnt a factor.
Caleb laughed. Yes, but the forms we chose certainly say something about us, dont you think?
What I wanted to say before, David said to Alex, was that love isnt black and white. Im sure he loved both you, as both of you love him.
Henrys eyes flicked to mine and he held my gaze for what felt like forever. When he held out his hand to me, I took it.
Right on cue, the ground started to shake again and the air vibrated. It was deafening. The ship lifted off the ground and soared out of the cavern into the night sky. Just like that, it was gone. The air was quiet and empty, like the ship had never been there at all.
You cant ever leave now? I said.
We wouldnt want to, David said. Earth is our home now.

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