Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Save the Arctic with Greenpeace

image via greenpeace

Last month, I was leaving Trader Joe's in Agoura Hills when I was stopped by a woman who said, “Help save the dolphins.” This woman was a representative of Greenpeace and there wasn’t anything she could have said that would have captured my attention faster or more fully than those four words. 

I’ve lived on the beach most of my life, so it's only natural that I've taken a strong interest in the well being of our oceans and the life they sustain. If our oceans are suffering, we are suffering. Not only does Greenpeace focus its efforts on sustaining our oceans, but also our planet as a whole and that really appealed to me. 

Their main focus at the moment is on the Arctic, which is being threatened by the oil companies. The debate of whether or not to drill in the Arctic has been raging for some time now, but Greenpeace is taking drastic action now that Shell has sent out a fleet of ships to the Arctic in the hopes of drilling for the mere possibility of three years worth of oil. With the inevitable threat of an oil spill, this would only mean disaster for every inhabitant of the Arctic and our planet as well. I've been following Greenpeace on Facebook this month where they've been posting about their representatives that are in the Arctic taking action against Shell and other drilling companies.

To learn more about the why conserving the fragile balance of the Arctic is so important visit and join over 1.7 million (and growing) others in signing a petition to declare a global sanctuary in the Arctic, which will ban oiling drilling and industrial fishing in the Arctic. Their goal is 2 million signatures, so they're so close to reaching their goal!

For more information on this issue and many others, including how to take action for our planet in your area, visit

P.S. I originally posted almost the same post for my new job's blog. Hopefully, I'll be contributing more posts to their blog as well.

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