Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Gerard Butler in NY

I am love, love, LOVING Gerard Butler's loft in NY in the new Architectural Digest!! I've always considered myself more of a modern designer and I always do seem to be attracted to more modern and contemporary designs, but there is something so perfectly eclectic, warm, elegant and well, gorgeous about it that just makes me want to be in it! The rustic, raw feel of it brings to mind a bungalow or a chateau somewhere on an island....

See the first three photos here. The rest I scanned from the magazine because Architectural Digest is muy stingy.

And I just wanted to add a little comparison here, just to show what I'm really talking about, with the difference between something modern that I would usually go for and this gorgeous rustic loft. Below is Mr. Butler's kitchen and then the second photo is of Sting's kitchen in England that was in the very next article after Gerard Butler's.

I mean, good lord! I have nothing against Sting or the designer (Shelton, Mindel & Associates; oh, gee! How surprising! An architect designed the house. That explains it. ick)...ok, maybe I do have something against the designer, but I digress; my point is, who would ever want to cook anything in that stark white, no natural lighting, kitchen!? Well, not me.

All I gotta say is, Gerard Butler (and his designer) has great taste!


Miss Caitlin S. said...

I'm with ya!!! I was scrolling down your post thinking "gee his place is so modern yet warm" and then I got to Sting's and realized why I felt the warmth from his non-traditional modern look. Sting's looks like a hospital. I also like Mr. Butler's too because it's perfectly masculine. Great post and great eye candy! PS I loved the "muy stingy" comment.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting these pictures. What a beautiful apartment. I'd love to get this issue. Which one is it?

Dia said...

Oh my, that's something else indeed...No wonder he was picked to play the Phantom of the Opera ;)

P.S. - Have I ever thanked you for following my quote blog? Thank you :)

taryn said...

Gerald Butler's place is amazing!
I agree with you entirely!
I'll take homey and lived in over modern any day!

~taryn xx

Amanda said...

Haha! Thanks Caitlin! I do have funny things to say every once in a while lol.

Anonymous- it's the May 2010 issue. Should be on newsstands now and it's hard to miss Gerard Butler's face on the cover lol!

You're welcome Dia! I love your blog :)

Thanks Taryn :)

Iva said...

WOW, really WOW!

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