Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mayhem at the workplace

There was a flood in our office during the night. Well, I think flood is an exageration, but that's how I woke up this morning: to my boss saying there was a flood in the office and to get there asap. Lovely. I wasn't even awake yet when he called. When I get to the office I see that there was a leak in one of the pipes in the wall in my boss's office and his entire carpet is wet. The water didn't even reach the rest of the office. Yes, my boss likes to exagerate. Stuff is everywhere. The ruined seagrass carpet smells like wet hay. Architectural plans wet, magazines ruined, my boss in his pj's...oh, yes, such a great way to start the day! I'd already like to go home now, but such is life. Now I must handle the crisis and do my other work as well! I feel like a master multi-tasker right now!

My next post will be a happy one, I promise!

(This picture is making me laugh in spite of myself! Photo from Le Fabuleux destin d'Amelie on flickr.)

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