Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Premiere Week!

I watched The Event last night (after a disasterous 49er MNF game. I'm still a little miffed about that) and I have to say I'm completely intrigued by this show. They were advertising it to be like a cross between Lost and 24 and I agree. Very entertaining.

I also caught Hawaii Five-O after that, which is corny, but I liked it. I can't help but like Scott Caan lol.

I'm also looking forward to the premieres of Grey's Anatomy, the  Big Bang Theory (both on Thursday), Supernatural on Friday and Dexter on Sunday, which I'm the most excited for! Cannot wait! What shows will you be watching this week?


amy said...

I watched The Event too and thought it was great! It did feel like it was going to be another LOST type show...but I LOVED Lost so that's cool! :)

I'm super excited about Dexter! I just got DVR and Showtime so now I can watch Dexter when it comes on instead of waiting for the season to come out on DVD!! Yay!

Amanda said...

I loved Lost too, so I'm excited for that show as well! And my mom signed up for showtime just so we could watch Dexter lol! Our whole family is into it!

Brandi said...

Do you watch Glee? I totally squealed about that return. The previews for The Event looked interesting but I don't know if I'm ready to get sucked back into another show like that. And Big Bang Theory is tonight! YAY! Have you ever gone to be part of the studio audience? It's so much fun.

Amanda said...

Never watched Glee, but I only ever hear good things about it. I suppose I should add that one to the list too lol! And I've never been in an audience for a show, but that would be the best one to be in! I love that show! So funny!

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