Monday, November 16, 2009

Mrs. Olsen's

I went home this weekend due to a serious need to get away. I used to go home nearly every weekend, but it seems that once I have a guy in my life I tend to go home less often. Home, for me, is where my mom lives in Oxnard, California. It's just an hour up north on the PCH, which is glorious for me because I loathe the freeways in LA. 
What I always love most about going home is eating at Mrs. Olsen's on Hollywood Beach (and now that I'm explaining all this I realize I've already blogged about it before). It's this tiny little family owned restaurant that's been there as long as I've lived on that beach, which is about 20 years. Last time I went I wanted to take a picture of the outside of the restaurant and of course, forgot, but this time I remembered:

It's the best place for breakfast because the food tastes like it's homemade; like you're at your grandma's house and she's just made this great big plate of pancakes or bacon and eggs...only it's even better than that lol! It's small, comfortable, the food is fantastic and the wait to get your food once you've ordered is so quick. Not to mention, I've been eating there with my mom since I was a kid and just about everyone in there knows who we are. It's kind of become my mom and I's thing that we do when I visit. And it is a lot of food so we usually walk there and back to work off what we just ate!
Usually, if you're there before noon, the wait will be to actually get a table. It's always packed. Here's a good review I found online. I can't believe how well known this place is actually! Apparently, it's been in quite a few magazines.

Anyway, my point is, if you're ever over in Oxnard check out Mrs. Olsen's :)

Oh, and more memory lane for me: right around the corner from Mrs. Olsen's is Hollywood Beach Elementary School where I went for Kindergarden:

(I just love my oh, so fantastic picture-taking skills from my car lol)

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