Sunday, December 27, 2009

Guest Post

I'm over at Ali's blog, The Way I See It, today while she is away in Isreal. Take a peek here!

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Meg Fee said...


thank you so much for your kind and lovely comments.

ned has been getting me a little down lately and the thing that gives me hope--more than anything else, is the growing movement of women willing to share their story, their experience. just this morning i went to see a general practitioner and almost started crying because of her complete lack of understanding as to what an eating disorder really is. the majority of the medical community has no idea, which makes it so hard for anyone to get help. but the greatest asset to them learning, is people just like you and me who are willing to give first hand accounts. so this is all to say thank you for telling me a little bit about your struggle in the comments section (and goodness i hope i linked to the right person, otherwise, disregard this and sorry to confuse you!).

can't wait to explore your blog!

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