Saturday, February 20, 2010

Art of the Week

My Pirate

Purple Thing

I've been missing out on Art of the Week lately. Mostly due to the fact that now that I don't have a job and have more time on my hands, I find more important things to do such as sleeping and packing up my apartment rather than sitting in front of the computer. (Don't think I miss the irony in this! Blogging seemed to have been my escape from sitting at the computer all day at work where I complained of not having any time to blog or write and now I do have the time, I don't do it! Ugh.)

Anyway, this artist for the week is Amy Sillman that I found in Elle Decor. Her work is colorful, playful and the kind of art that I would be content just to sit and stare at for hours. Find more of her work here.

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