Sunday, April 18, 2010

I've stopped talking to my friend....

and he no longer speaks to me
I'm afraid we're not friends anymore
I'm afraid I've lost him forever
so I have tucked him away
and try with all my might
to push thoughts of him
out into nothingness
so I won't have to think of him
any longer
Because the truth is
I miss him
I miss his laugh
I miss his stories
I miss having him there day after day
The one I shared everything with
So I do not talk about him
because when I do
I am so sad it is almost painful
My heart hurts
there is a hole where he used to be
so I tuck away my memories of him
and maybe someday
I'll bring them out again
when I least expect it
and I'll smile at them
like meeting an old friend
or hearing a Cat Stevens song on the radio

(for you, Shannon)


Melanie's Randomness said...

Exactly. Oh dear I'm in the same spot. I miss mine dearly too & this poem is beautiful like a Cat stevens song. Love that line!!

Amanda said...

Thanks Melanie! It's getting easier to talk about him but thinking about him when I'm alone is still torture.

And it's good to know someone can appreciate Cat Stevens. Shannon is the one who really introduced me to his music and so I think of him whenever I hear Cat :)

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