Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Dream House: Kitchen

I've been collecting photos from design magazines for years with the idea that one day I would organize all of those photos into a book that would be the inspiration for my future dream house. Since I have so many photos, I thought I'd start out organizing room by room and share some of my favorites with you as I went. Here are some of my favorite kitchens:

 Weithorn (Elle Decor's lookbook isn't working very well, so I'll get back to you on this designer's name)
 Nate Berkus

 Kelly Wearstler


 Wadia Associates (I love this entire house. The exterior is amazing!)

this one kept coming up in my search for the photo below
the set of Something's Gotta Give (that's my dream house too)
It seems I have a thing for islands. And I love the look of simple stain steel appliances. I'm not sure how I'd marry all these looks into one design, but I do know the look of the whole kitchen will gear more in the transitional direction because I don't like either straight modern or traditional.
And oh, how I love those skylights! Wouldn't that be lovely to have in a kitchen? What about you, what does your dream kitchen look like?

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