Monday, December 22, 2014

Dream House: Guest Bedroom

I've been trying to put this post together for two months now. Obviously, my heart has not been in blogging, but I wanted to get this last main room of my dream house out before the end of the year. Next year I'd like to focus on accessories and architectural details like ceilings, floors, fireplaces, and staircases. I'm excited for that!

In my mind, my perfect little house has two bedrooms, so the guest bedroom would probably be the home office/library as well. But who knows, maybe I will have the opportunity to have an actual guest bedroom. I think the most fun would be to do a color theme, but here are some of my favorite ideas.

 photo ED-Thornburg_Morton_be.jpg
 photo AD-richard-mishaan-design-cartagena-columbia.jpg
 photo HB-LindsayCoralHarper.jpg
 photo ED-MH-JefferyPovero.jpg
 photo ED-EricHughes.jpg
 photo ED-NestorSanta-Cruz.jpg
 photo ED-CaitlinampSamuelDowes-Sandes.jpg
 photo HB-StephenShubel.jpg
 photo chad-eisner-in-ELLE-DECOR-4.jpg
It seems to me that the most fun thing about a guest room is having the freedom to use bold color. I think I'll take full advantage of just that when I have guest room to decorate.

P.S. I wish you all a lovely and relaxing holiday! I'll see you in the new year!

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