Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Under the Dome

I actually finished Under the Dome by Stephen King about two months ago, but it's such a complex story I wasn't sure how to go about talking about it. And I'm not sure I even knew how I felt about the story. I know one thing for sure, though: I love Stephen King's writing. He may not be the greatest character writer (meaning, you're never going to get as attached to his characters as you would, for example, to a character like Harry Potter because, let's face it, J.K. Rowling has a gift), but he is an exceptional story teller.

And this novel has nothing but story: an intricate plot that keeps you guessing to the end, and tons of subplots to follow with each character, and certainly no shortage of tension and suspense. It's no wonder that everyone always wants to turn King's novels into movies and TV shows because there's just so much usable material.

Under the Dome has indeed been turned into a television series premiering on CBS on June 24th at 10p eastern.

Mike Vogel (Cloverfield and The Help) stars as the main character, Dale Barbara
When I first heard the news that the book was being translated to TV, I thought it was a mini-series, and I really wasn't interested in watching it, mainly because I'd read the book and didn't feel the need to go through all that drama over again. It's actually a full-length series and I read this article that said the writers of the show collaborated with Stephen King to come up with an alternate ending to the story so it would still be surprising for those of us who had read the book. What sounded the most promising to me was that in the book the story takes place over the course of about a week, and the writers for the show were talking about the possibilities of the story taking place over years, which Stephen King had originally wanted to do for the book.
Now I'm interested. And it looks like it's going to be an awesome show that everyone will be talking about, so don't miss out!

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