Friday, October 30, 2009

Pumpkin Carving Party

I finally got to carve a pumpkin last night even though that really wasn't the plan. I kind of got dragged into it actually. Such is life when you live next door to three crazy boys (and that is NOT me complaining!). I like how it turned out, although the mouth is really quite funny. It looks an awful lot like a bat, which wasn't my intention lol. To be fair I was intoxicated while this little carving party was going on and I'd had a rather emotionally incapacitating day, or week, I should say. Needless to say, I screwed up the bottom teeth lol. But let me back up a bit....

I'd been complaining all week about not being able to carve a pumpkin and I didn't want to just sit at home and do it by myself (and being lonely is a whole other subject I've been depressed about lately), so I'd pretty much given up by last night; not to mention what a terrible mess I was in emotionally last night. I just wasn't in the right mind to try and get in the festive mood. And then one if my neighbors, Mark, tells us he's going to his girlfriend's house where they're having a pumpkin carving party. Shannon - the one that basically dragged me into all this (and gave me that little pumpkin last weekend) - insists that I come, trying to get me out of my gloomy mood anyway he can. He and I didn't have pumpkins so we had to go to Vons to get some, which is a story in and of itself. We get to the store on our bikes (we've decided bikes are best considering there's never any parking in Santa Monica). Shannon has a big crate on the back of his bike attached with bungee cords and I have a basket on the front of mine so we figured we could somehow fit the pumpkins in said baskets....yeah, you can already see the humor in this right? There are huge boxes of pumpkins in front of the store so I start looking while Shannon goes inside to purchase beer. Apparently, there are more pumpkins inside that I don't know about until Shannon comes out with one and says he's paid for it. So I go in, pick out at pumpkin and get in line thinking I need to pay for it when Shannon has already paid for two....yeah, wait for it! It just keeps getting better lol:

Me: In line at the cash register. My phone rings. It's Shannon.
Me: "What?"
Him: "Where did you go?"
Me: "I'm paying for my pumpkin."
Him: "I already paid for it, so get out here."
Me: Exasperated. Get out of line. Put pumpkin back. Leave store.
Him: "Where's your pumpkin?"
Me: "You said you got one."
Him: "No, I paid for two. You have to pick yours out."
Me: "I just put it back. They're going to think I didn't pay for it and now I'm stealing it!"
Him: "No they won't. Just get the pumpkin!"
Me: Go back in store. Get pumpkin. Leave store.
I didn't find it as funny last night considering my mood, but it's pretty freakin funny now! And this is not necessarily an abnormal situation for the two of us. Apparently, we both need to learn a whole new language to communicate with each other.

It takes a good 5 minutes to get this massive pumpkin Shannon must have and the 18-pack of beer situated in his crate without the crate falling off. And then we have to ride about 3 or 4 blocks over to our friend's house with these huge pumpkins making us feel a bit topsy turvy, which I wish I could have gotten a photo of, but I didn't bring my camera....:-(
But we make it and the pumpkin carving begins. It ends up just being Mark, Liz (Mark's girlfriend), Shannon and I that do the carving. All of Liz's roommates are BBQing and don't seem interested in carving pumpkins, which suits us just fine seeing as there are only 3 cutting tools and 4 of us. I didn't get a picture of Liz's pumpkin, which she described as "Just stupid" lol. It had buck teeth and silly eyes. It turned out cute. Here are the boy's pumpkins, which I got pictures of once we go home:

Shannon's massive and rather spooky jack o lantern

Mark's totally awesome jack o lantern. This picture sucks, but it was really cool. Just take my word for it.

3 pumpkins in a row...

So that was my night of pumpkin carving. The only sad part is none of us felt like picking out the seeds to bake them, so we had to miss out. I love pumpkin seeds. Oh, and once we were all done the three of us rode home on our bikes with our pumpkins in tow haha! Never a dull moment.

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