Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Just Dance

terrible pictures, but these girls were amazing
I've been thinking and waiting and preparing to take ballet classes. The dance studio down my street had a recital this weekend and I found myself curious and reluctant at once. Curious for obvious reasons (like are these the kind of dance classes I really want to be taking), though I'm already painfully aware of what I'm missing; my body is in serious need of toning and flexibility. Reluctant becuase, well, no one wants to have to give up a dream they've had for so long, and I wanted to be a dancer from the time I was little. To have the opportunity to still learn ballet now, later in life, only to find out I might be terrible at it, would kind of shatter it for me. At least, that's what I think now. I haven't even taken a class yet.
So I sat there at the recital, watching these girls, these dancers that I do not know in awe of their grace and utter fearlessness. I sat there and couldn't look away. It felt like sending some unspoken wish or unlived dream, a connection to that dance floor that I cannot explain or ignore.
I'm convinced now I need to take these classes. I know I won't be a ballerina, but maybe I can develop some of that elegance and grace and have it with me wherever I go...


Josephine said...

I've always wanted to take a ballet class for adults! And am similarly reluctant to! Go for it! If we lived closer together I'd suggest we do it together. You should do it!

Amanda said...

You totally should! Maybe there's a dance studio near you that you didn't even know about. I've already bought my ballet shoes so I'm going to do it, I'm just hoping I won't be terrible at it.

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