Saturday, October 17, 2009


Recently I’ve been trying to get more word out to people about my blog. I feel such a strong urge for people to read it because I have a lot to share with people; not to mention the influence of my incredible lack of patience. I’ve become obsessed with how many followers – or lack of – that I have. I continue to remind myself I just started this blog last month and nothing happens over night. Again, with the impatience.

I’ve been enjoying blogging immensely. It’s been a release of sorts from a job that should be creative, but instead leaves me feeling a little underappreciated and my creativity gets stifled due to the fact that my boss does all the designing whereas I get to talk to people on the phone and sit in front of a computer all day. There are days when I get to venture out to job sites, but those days are few and far between and so I get restless. So to be able to talk about whatever I want and give my opinion on all things design in my own way that is completely separate of my job is like my own personal therapy.

When I started finding all of these great blogs online for design, art, photography and everything else you can think of I was instantly addicted. (It definitely started with Apartment Therapy and then A Cup of Jo). I knew I had to start one, but I was concerned I wouldn’t find the time to post anything with a full time job breathing down my neck, not to mention the three novels I’m in the middle of writing (at the time it was two). My worries seem to have been for nothing, however, as can be seen from my steady flow of two or three posts a day. I’m totally addicted.

So far I’ve started out with most of my focus on design (I read a lot of design magazines. I can’t help it.). Obviously, my job and most of my life revolve around design at the moment so that’s to be expected. I’m trying to insert more of myself and my personal life in there whenever I can. I never wanted to only blog about one subject. I have far too many interests for that. I would talk more about my writing, but I feel I keep that to myself even in my personal life. I suppose that’s because I’ve never been published (which really shouldn’t matter, but I does), most of what I write is rather fanciful (think Harry Potter) so I’m never sure of the response I’ll get, and it’s always been just a hobby. I’ve only just recently come to the conclusion I’d like it to one day become my full time job. Oh, and I haven’t finished a story yet lol. Yeah, I’ve got to get cracking on that!

And on another note, it's been so warm this weekend that I went out to the beach today. It was absolutely lovely to have sun after all the rain, but it has been a little too hot...can't the weather find some happy middle ground?! Anyways, here are some photos I took on my camera on my phone. Not the greatest quality, but still, you get the idea: it's warm. It's sunny. It's California in mid-October :)

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