Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year's Eve 2009


So I ended up having one of the best New Year's Eves I've ever had last week! It was great! I met up with two of my girlfriends and two guy friends of theirs and we made our way over to World Cafe on Main St. in Santa Monica. This wasn't our first choice, but everywhere else on Main St. was charging a cover to get in due to the fact it was NYE. World Cafe was free to get in so we were all for that! We toasted to the new year in "Happy New Year" hats, tiaras and noise makers and then went down the street to Circle Bar, where there was no longer a cover due to the late hour, and danced until we decided we were too tired to keep going. We'd taken a taxi to Main St., but none of us had a number for a taxi company and it seemed that every taxi that drove past us was already full. So we started to make our way down Main St. on foot, all of us very drunk. My neighbors were actually down the street from us trying to get a cab as well and none of us were having any luck. One of my guy friends gave me a piggyback ride for part of the way, but we were both laughing so hard (me snorting, which caused him to laugh even harder) the going was rather slow. At some point we ended up getting separated from two of our friends, who are a couple and were bickering most of the night, so when we did get a taxi (which I hailed, thank you very much!) it was just three of us.

We got back to my apartment around 2am I think (that part of the night is pretty fuzzy lol), where we all met up with my neighbors and stayed up for another 2 hours playing mini Frisbee Golf, drinking more alcohol and singing. Oh, the good times!

The next morning, however, was the worst hangover I've ever had. Apparently, that was the universe's way of balancing things out. I spent the whole day in bed sleeping, watching the Rose Parade, and reading Harry Potter. The rest of my weekend was still pretty relaxing, but it was rather weird. I went to sleep rather early on Friday only to woken up at 4am by my neighbor, Mark and three of his friends coming back from a party. It was pretty hilarious because Mark is usually the quietest, most respectful of my three neighbors, but he was so drunk that he was yelling my name at the top of the stairs outside my door and he kept saying over and over how drunk he was lol. I got out of bed laughing and went over to meet is friends and spent about 2 hours being completely entertained by 4 Marks (well 3 actually, as one had passed out on the couch almost immediately after walking in the door).

Then on Saturday I was with my mom most of the day and helping my brother move some things into his new apartment (it's huge! I'm so jealous!). Shannon had been in Colorado since the 26th and I knew he was supposed to be back that day, but he never told me when he was coming in (actually he didn't even speak to me the whole time I was gone, which I wasn't very  happy about). He finally got back around 2a and I hadn't fallen asleep at that point and decided against trying to sleep when it sounded as though half the neighborhood had shown up shortly after Shannon did. That was another late night that wasn't all that enjoyable either. Shannon was acting as though he wasn't happy to see me and I really didn't know what to make of it because we were talking alot before he left. I don't know; it was probably just me being butt-hurt about him not talking to me for a week.

I did want to write over my break, but never got around to it. I've been thinking more and more about one of my stories, which is about dragons, and plan on getting moving on that one tonight actually. I got stuck because I started writing this one in 2006 in first person past tense and then wrote a bunch more in 2008 and 2009 in first person present tense, but I think I felt something wasn't quite right with it.  Then I had a friend read some of it and she suggested it be in third person and I agreed. There's so much more you can convey in third person, but I rarely ever write in the third person. There's a lot of re-writing that's going to be involved so I'm having a hard time working up the enthusiasm to do it. It has to happen at some point.

And now I need to do the dishes. They've been piling up for days. Ew.

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Shannon of ** Happiness Is...** said...

Oh I used to live right on Main Street! I miss World Cafe and Circle Bar. Do you ever go to the farmers markets on Main? Love the gourmet tamales. What a fun night you had! Happy New Year sweetie :) xo

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