Sunday, May 16, 2010


May 10 Emma in her little fort
May 11 my bro's birthday present
May 12 This display of driftwood reminded me of a dragon
May 13 My mom's friend's apartment. There were accents of turquoise everywhere! I loved it!
May 14 Starting to tear up some magazines for a inspiration board
May 15 My bro's birthday cake, which I made
May 16 Myself, mom, and Mitch at the Strawberry Festival

There was quite a bit going on this weekend. It was my brother's birthday on Thursday so he came over to visit yesterday and today. He opened presents yesterday, one of which was the drawing of a wolf I did for him, which I had framed and I also made him a german chocolate cake (his favorite, pictured above). Here are some more pictures:

After some dinner and cake we went to see Iron Man 2 in Ventura. Awesome movie!! I highly recommend it, especially if you liked the first one :) Not to mention Robert Downey Jr. is as hot as ever!

Then today we went over to the Strawberry Festival, which has been going on the whole weekend. The weather was terrible, it took 40 minutes to park and none of us had very much money (we're all going through broke phases at the moment) so we could only afford to get in and have a few snacks inside, but none of us had been in years so it was fun just to say we went and be a part of things. I hate missing out. I haven't been since I was in high school went I went to perform with the marching band so it wasn't like I got to enjoy myself and eat strawberries.

Anyway, I took lots of pictures on my phone, especially when we found the kiosk with the blown glass sculptures:

Very pretty sculptures, no?! I loved the dragon, of course :) They are given a purplish tint by the technique this guy uses of adding 24-carot gold to the glass after it's sculpted, but still above 1,000 degrees. Very cool!

Well, I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

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Melanie's Randomness said...

Oh such wonderful things in this post!!!

I love the picture of your cat in the fort! so cute!! Happy Birthday to your bro!

I would love to go to a Strawberry Festival!! That chocolate covered strawberry looks soo yummmy. Where I live there really isn't alot of a festivals, its a drag.

The dragon ones are soo cool!! =)

Well what a great weekend you had, hope your week is good too!!

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