Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Fandom

And going along with the subject of my previous post, here's something I'd like to share with you all. I have a friend, Angela a.k.a. miss Sci-fi Italian, that is currently filming a webseries. If you're not sure what that is, I'll explain. It's basically a mini-series-like show on the internet and Angela's is a spoof off of the show and the fans of the CW series Supernatural. It's about five friends that follow the show 'Hunters' (based off of Supernatural) and are such devoted fans they have a website about the show. Angela talks about it more here.

A little more about Angela: she and I went to the same college, I for Interior Design, and she for Film. She's even more obsessed with sci-fi and fantasy than I am and wants to direct the film version to the book I'm currently writing. And she is still working to get her foot into the door in the film industry, which is not an easy feat, to say the least. Hopefully, this little project of hers will help out with that.


Anyway, Angela just had a photoshoot for the series and will begin filming shortly. I've read the script for the first episode and it's really funny. She hopes to have it online to view in the fall and she is currently in need of funds. She's started up a profile on Kickstarter that you can check out here. I have just become the first backer for the project, pledging $15.

If you pledge a minimum of $10 and Angela reaches her goal of $1,500 by August 31st then you'll recieve your very own DVD copy of the series once it's completed. I believe your card will only be charged once she's reached the $1,500 amount, but if you have any questions about the show or pledging you can send her a messege on kickstarter or shoot her a comment on her blog.

Thanks for helping out!!


Brandi said...

I am so curious about this 'Hunters' -- I'm going to check out more now.

Amanda said...

Well, 'Hunters' was made up by Angela spoofing off of the CW show Supernatural.

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