Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It seems I've reached a breaking point

I know I've said this in some shape or form before, but when my life was not creative (ie. I hated my job, my boss, was in love with a guy who didn't love me back, had rude loud next door neighbors, never had time to write, and came home from work only wanting to sit on my ass and watch tv) this blog was a way to express myself and was just the outlet I so desarately needed.

Now my life consists solely of creativity and my blog isn't really what it used to be for my anymore. Not to say that I want to quite blogging, but I feel that less is more for the time being.

Which also applies to my picture-a-day project. I'll still be taking pictures every day (well, technically, but we all know I usually don't anyway), but I won't be posting the pictures every week. Frankly, the pictures I've been taking have been just pictures taken for the sake of taking a picture and they're turning out rather pathetic.

So, to say this in fewer words (which is not a strong suit of mine, if you haven't noticed), I'll only be posting when I truly feel moved to post about something because that is, afterall, the whole point of this blog anyway. It just so happens that when I started blogging I really did have two or three things a day I really wanted to blog about.

And I've noticed that I'm not the only one in the blogging world that's been feeling this way lately. I don't know what it is. It seems that nothing is really cutting it like it used to. Nothing is simple anymore.

And I'm not complaining about this either. This is a huge turning point for our world right now and if you can't feel it you must be living under a rock. The whole conscienceness of, not just our society, but our whole world is shifting and I, for one, believe it is a good one. But it's always tough to make such a huge shift. It's tough on everyone. But these are the times when we find the best of ourselves and humanity as a whole. These are the times when peole step up and doing something about the things that they're the most passionate about, like the oil spill in the gulf; when humans become a bit more...human.

The novel I'm writing right now happens to be about creatures that don't really exist (well, they exist to me damnit): dragons. My main characters are not human. And yet, writing from their point of view helps me see humans in a whole knew light.

That is the fun thing about fantasy; you may be living in a world that doesn't exist, but everyone, readers and writers alike, can still find some part of it they relate to. That is, in a nutshell, why I love to write and read so much. Stories connect people in ways that our electronic cyberoptic world could never do. And we, as humans, need that connection. And, considering the direction our world is taking, now is the time we're going to need that connection the most.


2 by Design said...

Hey Amanda, just wanted to let you know you are NOT ALONE in your sentiments today! I write for a living, and on my blog, and let me tell you...it's tough keeping up "daily posts." I'm trying to be inspired by more, but truthfully it's tough when there are so many other things I feel I should be doing...where my time would be better spent. Hard to know what to do some days :)

Brandi said...

I know how you feel. Blogging can be a lot of pressure sometimes. I enjoy writing posts, but I've been getting frustrated reading blogs lately...I just don't feel like it sometimes. And that makes me feel bad. I so admire you've kept up with your picture-a-day project; for me, carrying around my camera was so hard, it was so heavy. And then schoolwork consumed me. I've gotta find some sort of balance...

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