Tuesday, June 8, 2010


May 31 Mom on her rental bike
June 2 My bro, the plumber guy lol
June 3 Emma
June 4 Parakeets at Petco
June 5 Emma again
June 6 Breakfast at Mrs. Olsen's
June 6 Our old apartment! (see story below)

My life feels so weird right now. It seems that I'll I feel like blogging about are these picture a day things and most of the time, I don't feel like posting those either. They're becoming an asignment; like something I'm forcing myself to do and it was supposed to be something fun and creative (and my internet is so slow right now it's not helping my mood).

I don't know what's wrong with me, but I'm feeling friendless and the weather over here by the beach is not helping. It's grey, cold and depressing. I don't know where summer is, but it better hurry it's sunny little butt up damnit!

Anyway, this last week my mom and I went bike riding on Memorial Day, we helped my brother get his stuff stored in our friend's garage on Wednesday so it's safe while he's in Texas for two months (he's gone over there with our step-brother to make some money), we bought Emma some kitty toys on Thursday (one of which is a laser pointer and I have no idea why we didn't get one sooner), then Sunday we went to have breakfast at Mrs. Olsen's and then, instead of going right back home, we went walking around the condos where we used to live on Hollywood Beach.

My mom's been wanting to buy one and regrets not buying one of the two that we've lived in: one when I was like 12 or so and one when I was in college. So we're walking around and we get to where the first condo is and low and behold, it's for sale! And there's an open house! So we go in and talk about nostalgia! It was crazy! It looks just like I remember it (that's a picture above from the viewpoint of the loft).

Long story short: my mom is trying to buy it with a friend that invests in properties all the time. We'll see what happens! I'm keeping my fingers crossed! How cool would it be to have lived in a place, move out and over ten years later you're living in it again! Crazy-making!

Has anything like that ever happened to any of you?

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Hermione said...

Not really, never happened. I think I would prefer not living in an old house of mine, or maybe I would, I've never tried it. Hope all goes well!

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