Monday, August 2, 2010

Museums and Birthdays

I haven't posted in a while, but so much has been going on lately! I thought I'd catch you all up! Wednesday was my 26th birthday! It was nice. I didn't have any expectations; I've learned from years and years of disappointment that the minute I stop caring about what happens on my birthday is when I'm free to just enjoy what does happen. My mom secretly invited some of my friends over for a little get together. I got to see one of my best friends from high school that I haven't seen in eight years, who also has the same birthday as I do! We call each other twins lol. It was really great to see her! We had lots of food and my mom had a red velvet cake for each of us (both of us that had birthdays, I mean!).

 Ang, me and Tomi (the other birthday girl)

A gift from one of my neighbors

In the last two weeks my mom and I have visited the Ronald Reagan Library and the Hollywood Museum. Both are having special collections that we wanted to see.

First was the Reagan Library. I haven't been there since high school, at least ten years ago.

There were bikes from numerous movies including Transformers 2, Batman & Robin, Wild Wild West, Star Trek and Terminator 2:

Terminator 2 (this one's actually on loan from Arnold, who owns the bike)

Reagan was a big fan of Jelly Bellies (blueberry flavor was invented because of him). My mom and I bought some from the gift shop on the way out.

The Born to be Wild exhibit will be showing until November 9th. Learn more here.

We also took a tour of the Air Force One that Reagan flew in while President, but we weren't aloud to take photos. Then we went over to see the model of the white house, which is 50 feet long!:

It's amazing in person and I highly recommend checking it out! Learn more here.

And, second, we visited the Hollywod Musuem on Highland in LA to see the Marilyn Monroe exhibit, which will show until August 31st (learn more here):

My mom and I posed in front of the awesome limo parked in the center of the room

The exhibit was really great. There were a bunch of Marilyn's outfits, old photos from when she first started modeling, and even some of her old furniture. There was also an exhibit on the third floor of the museum with all kinds of memorabilia from movies like Superman, Moulin Rouge, Transformers, Star Trek and Hannah Montana the Movie. There was even an outfit that Michael Jackson wore on stage, I believe. 
After the museum we headed over to Mel's Drive-In, which is right next door to the museum, and we had some shakes. Yummy!

Anyway, if you haven't already I highly recommend spending some summer days (especially the too hot summer days) at some museums. At least you know they'll be air conditioned!

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