Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Since I've been watching Cupcake Wars every Tuesday (there's a new one on tonight!) I've had Sprinkles on the brain. I'd had a Sprinkles cupcake before, but I'd never actually been to one of their locations (there's two in my area: Beverly Hills and Newport Beach). And then I found out from Cupcake Wars that Sprinkles was the first cupcake bakery and started it all! It makes sense considering how amazing their cupcakes are - or should I say, how good Candice's cupcakes are. I've never had a better cupcake (although, I have to say that Vanilla Bakeshop in Santa Monica is a pretty close second).

Then, last week, I saw Candice on the Today show making a gluten-free red velvet cupcake and I was so excited! I'm assuming that Chloe, who was on Cupcake Wars, might have turned Candice on to vegan and gluten-free, but who knows. Just as long as Sprinkles is making vegan and gluten-free (so far, just in their red velvet) everyone else will soon follow! And I'm totally for it! Needless to say, I wanted to try one and last Friday, when I had to go see my dentist in Beverly Hills, I got the chance to. My mom and I walked over after my appointment and waited patiently in line to get both a gluten-free and a vegan red velvet cupcake:

Oh, so yummy! I recommend the vegan one. Gluten-free is tough to do. The vegan cupcake is fluffier and the frosting is a bit better too, but they're both very tasty!

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Brandi said...

Cupcake Wars is so much fun, don't you think? I can't wait to get back up to the LA area so I can try my first Sprinkles cupcake. I'm really curious to know how good they are.

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