Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ventura music & tweets

My brother's best friend, Mao, is in three bands. Yes, you heard me correctly: three bands. And somehow I'd never heard him perform with any of them until Monday night. I know, it's sad. I love live music and he's practically family, but anyway, he performed with his band called Alternate 85 (they're on facebook) at a place called Billy-O's in Ventura. I'd never been there so the whole thing was new for me. The place was packed with my brother's friends and awesome followers of not just Alternate 85 (as well as Mao's other two bands: Kill the Academy and We Pilot These Machines), but the band that performed after them: The Calamity. (you can listen to their whole cd here)

These are terrible pictures, but I'm putting them up anyway:

 Alternate 85. Mao is lead singer

The Calamity (I was too close to take very good pictures)

It was fun to get out and hear new music, especially live music, which I can't get enough of and meet all these guys I've heard my brother talk about for years. Both bands were very good and it was fun to see how different people become when they perform. Good stuff.
In other news I signed up on Twitter about an hour ago and I'm already having problems with it. I'm giving up for the moment, but if you'd like to check me out go ahead!

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