Friday, February 25, 2011

A Refined Architectural Digest

I've been waiting weeks to post about March's issue of Architectural Digest because it has taken them forever to post pictures on their website. They've always been so stingy about that, but Margaret Russell has been promising to revamp their website and so I wait patiently.

Anyway, I've been excited about posting because this is one of the most beautiful Architetcural Digest issues I've seen in a long time with the loveliest collection of amazingly rich and lavishly designed homes. Especially the Manhattan apartment featured for the month designed by Michael S. Smith. I love that he's made grey look so lush and almost warm and the architecture is gorgeous. Don't even get me started! I just love it!

View additional photos of the apartment at Architectural Digest.

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info said...

We, at Delightfull are delighted to announce our presence at Architectural Digest Home Design Show, in March 2011. It is our utmost pleasure to be showing once more at this wonderful event! We can't wait to 17th to come! See you all there!

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