Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Letter to my future husband:

Do You know what I dream of?

I dream of far off places, real and fantastic alike. Of times when I can spend my life exploring said places at my leisure (and travel in luxury. I'm not the roughing-it type). I dream of living in New York for a year just to see the city through all four seasons; of learning French and moving there and conversing with the French as though I belong there.

I dream of writing many novels and that people will read them and love my stories and characters as much as I do, and they will know me for it.

I dream of finding pleasure in the little things because the big things are taken care of (life is stressful when they're not, and I don't do well under stress).

I dream of changing the world in a big way, of making a difference. I want to see our planet healthy for future generations. I do not want there to be a world where animals like dolphins and tigers are spoken of in the past tense. There are some things too beautiful to lose.

But mostly, I dream of you; the idea of you, the essence of you and what you really mean to me already even though I have never seen your face. I see you in my dreams anyway. I know who you are and you know who I am and we already love each other. I dream of growing old with you; of exploring the world and myself with you. I am already excited by the thought of you.

I cannot wait to meet you.

Yours always,

your dreaming wife-to-be

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