Wednesday, March 20, 2013

In the way

Sometimes I feel I'm not doing enough with my life. That I don't push myself hard enough, or believe in myself enough. I find myself thinking, "why didn't I do this when I was younger so I'd be at this point in my life now?", or whatever it is that I wish I'd done, or not done.

I woke up the other morning in a kind of panic, realizing that I haven't worked on or hardly spared a thought for my novel for over a month. I've been moving at home and at work (we remodeled our space), but still, I should at least be thinking about it. I feel like it's been forcefully shoved to the side with everything else that's been going on.

I know I'll finish my story (I just hope I don't pull a Tolkien and take 12 years to do it), but I wonder if it would already be done had I taken the time to study how to be a better writer years ago, before I ever started my story.  Then, when I had two years off from working, I could have finished it. Timing is everything, isn't it?

And really, this quote could be applied to just about every area of life, but right now my story is the one thing bothering me; like I've been holding myself back, waiting for the perect time. Or something.

Is there a dream or ambition you have that you feel you've been keeping yourself from achieving?

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