Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Day 14: 10 Things...

...that make me really happy:

'Harry Potter' and 'cake' in the same sentence certainly makes me happy :)

1. Music
2. Writing/storytelling
3. Movies
4. Really, really good books (Harry Potter and Pride & Prejudice are still my favorites)
5. Giving people gifts they really love
6. Spending time alone doing anything creative

It doesn't get much better than Disney at Christmas

7. Disney
8. Theme parks/vacations (I LOVE flying and seeing new places)
9. Christmas and Thanksgiving (Being with family, the lights and decorations, the smells, the food, Fall into Winter, the music, the movies, the clothes; I love everything about this time of year.)
10. Eating out, especially for breakfast because it's my favorite meal of the day, but really fancy dinners are so fun

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