Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Day 15: A Day in my Life

My day starts out between 6:30-7am so that I can be to work by 8am. I get up and take a shower and do everything else that is needed to make myself presentable for the day. During the week I pick out my clothes for the next day the night before. I don't have the patience for that in the morning. I only give myself just enough time to get ready because I value my sleep more. (I'm anything but a morning person, if you hadn't already guessed. On the weekends- I seriously wish every day was Saturday- I wake up really slow and go about the rest of my day that way.)

Then I drive to work, which takes about 25 minutes, depending on traffic (welcome to LA. Here, our lives revolve around traffic). And, in case you didn't know, I work here.

This is my desk where I spend 8 hours of my day

I have my breakfast at work, where most of my days consist of working on the computer doing CAD drawings, specifying product for clients to order, and quite a few drawings and 3D renderings to get clients to buy our product. I work on anywhere from one project a day to six, though that is pretty rare. That would be a busy day. Most days it's more like two or three projects.

There's a lunch in there somewhere, followed by more work, and then I go home at 4:30pm. I'm very lucky to work in an office with so much flexibility when it comes to work hours, not to mention the newly designed office and great people I work with. I'm very blessed to have found POI.

The Wash in Moorpark where I like to take walks

Getting home is usually a whole other part of my day: I go for a walk, I make dinner, I watch some TV (lately it's been the West Wing on DVD), I work on my story, I get ready for bed. I've made it a habit over the years to read whatever novel I'm reading at the moment before I go to bed. Lately, it's been my own novel.

Well, that's a typical day for me. I'm not big on picture taking, as my life is pretty uneventful, but I might add more later.

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