Friday, May 3, 2013

Day 3: Things that make you uncomfortable

I know that there are multiple things that make me uncomfortable, but I think my mind must immediately dump the memory of the experience as soon as possible because those kind of situations (for me) are tough to remember.

Some obvious ones are:

1. Being in the spotlight in any sense of the word. This includes public speaking and singing in front of anyone. I don't even like offering an opinion to a group of people. Anything that causes numerous people's attention to be focused on me for an extended period of time makes me heat up and turn the color of a cherry (this is always my automatic response to being embarrassed).

2. Arguments, or agressive behavior. I do not argue well. I clam up and would prefer to run from the situation rather than listen to someone yell in my direction.

3. Passive agressive behavior. I grew up with a father who was so passive agressive that he could barely make daily decisions (to the point where it would delay family trips, or make complete strangers uncomfortable). Anytime I come across this -with men especially- it not only makes me uncomfortable, it makes me irate.

4. Just plain rude behavior. The sheer amount of different examples I could come up with of people being rude on a daily basis would be a subject for a whole blog post on its own. One good example though, is people talking or kicking my chair in the movie theater.

5. Going to a new place for the first time. Or being unprepared. This is really something that just makes me a nervous wreck, especially if I'm driving and someone is in the car with me. Getting lost just makes the situation ten times more uncomfortable.

6. Asking people for help. Whether it's family or not, asking for any kind of help just makes me feel helpless and uncomfortable. There are other similar instances that make me feel completely out of place (and incapable of saying or doing the right thing), like trying to sell something to someone or being at a car dealership.

These are the ones that come to mind for now; such an entertaining subject to contemplate.

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