Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day 23: Lessons not taught in school

Things I've learned that school won't teach you:

- Communication in relationships. That would be any kind of relationship: love, family, friends, work, etc. I've found this has to be learned in our own ways, mainly learning from those who care about us, and from our mistakes.

- Mistakes are a part of life, and a necessary one. Someone once told me that mistakes are the funnest part of life. For the most part, I would agree. And this isn't even something any of my jobs have taught me. I've had to learn the hard way (through my own mistake of thinking I have to be perfect all the time. Ridiculous.) that it is part of being human to make mistakes. We are not machines. Never let any boss (or parent or other half or whomever) make you feel like that. Because if they are, it just means they're not doing a very good job of teaching you.

- Like the quote above says, everything happens for a reason.

I'm actually having a tough time thinking of things I didn't learn in school; not that it would be easier to remember anything I actually did learn. I didn't like school all that much, including college. I think what I've learned most of since being in school is how to be on my own. Learning that it's okay not to have a boyfriend, or tons of friends, or to be part of the "cool crowd", that life is actually short and not made up of infinite tomorrows. Biggest thing of all: that it's definitely okay to be different, to not "fit in" with anyone's definitions, judgements, or expectations.

Basically, I guess I'm trying to dazzle you with the old adage "be yourself". They try to tell you that in school, but most don't learn it until they've left.


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Very well said. Mistakes are definitely part of life, being alive means making mistakes and learning from them, but sadly some people just do not seem to learn from their mistakes. Back then happiness for me was all about getting good grades. The one thing I learned after school and college is that life is more than just getting good grades, life is a series of happy events and that happiness is a state of mind. =)

Amanda said...

"Life is a series of happy events". I like that!

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