Wednesday, September 11, 2013


By some twist of fate, I had Olympus Has Fallen at the top of my queue on Netflix so that it was delivered to me yesterday. My mom and I watched a movie about the White House being taken hostage by terrorists the night before 9/11. Hopefully, it's not some sort of morbid sign. I'm pretty convinced it was just a coincidence. That has to be it because there's no way I could live with ever seeing the symbol of our country turned into a war zone.

The movie itself was extremely intense and Gerard Butler, as always, was awesome. I was fully invested in the story until the very end when the terrorists get information that the President swore he would never give, and it's never explained how they managed to retrieve it. The special effects were pretty amazing though. Even knowing that the photo above is simply effects and doesn't really exist, it still makes me uncomfortable to look at it. (I even debated not posting any photos from the movie given how many include burning flags and images of the White House burning; not a very good symbol for a day like today.) I prefer to see the White House looking majestic, as it should.

It's been twelve years, but I hope you're all still remembering, and keeping those lives that were lost in your hearts.

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