Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Just once more

Today’s prompt (actually it was yesterday’s) for Blogtember is 'a memory you would love to relive', so here it goes.
Andrew and I, our junior prom
February of 2001 to February of 2002 marks the only year of my life that I've ever had a boyfriend. I was in high school and my boyfriend, Andrew, and I were both in marching band. For one reason or another that I can no longer remember, the band did some sort of performance for back to school night (at least, that's what I think it was for). Most of us were hanging out in the small gym, which was adjacent to the main gym, while waiting to perform. Some of the guys, Andrew included, decided to go outside to play basketball. He gave me a kiss before he left, like he always did, but as he turned to leave he grabbed my arm and pulled me back for another kiss saying, “just one more.” I think he did this about three more times, at which point everyone in the gym was watching, but I remained in this blissful state where only the two of us existed.
I’ve been kissed very few times in my life, especially by someone who truly loves me.  It might all sound corny, but that’s the moment I would want to relive right now. To feel everything I was feeling right then, to recognize the slight envy from my friends at my luck of having such an amazing guy, and not caring at all that everyone is watching.


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