Monday, February 24, 2014

Fashion of figure skating

 photo adelinasotnikova.jpg
Adelina Sotnikova

I really enjoyed watching the women's figure skating long programs on Friday. Of course, one thing I always notice are their costumes. I love it when it's obvious that thought was put into the costume in relation to the music. Sometimes the costumes don't even seem interesting or as beautiful until the skater starts moving and it takes on a life of its own with movement. Love that.

Adelina, pictured above, won the gold for Russia, but her costume wasn't my favorite (though it is on the list). Here are costumes that were my favorites.

 photo gabrielledaleman.jpg
Gabrielle Daleman from Canada
 photo ashleywagner.jpg
Ashley Wagner from the US
 photo GracieGold.png
Gracie Gold from the US
 photo maoasada.jpg
Mao Asada from Japan
 photo julialipnitskaya-3.jpg
Julia Lipnitskaya from Russia

I loved that Julia's costume was inspired by the little girl from Schindler's List, which was the music she skated to. And I was waiting for someone to skate to Sleeping Beauty, and Gracie Gold did just that. I thought her costume was perfect. Gabrielle's was my very favorite because I'm a little obsessed with peacocks. For Ashley's, I don't even like yellow, but that one is just gorgeous. And Mao Asada's was really different, and I liked the way it looked when she was skating.

Did you watch skating this Olympics? Which costume was your favorite?

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