Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Once Upon a Time

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I just have to put it out there: I am so obsessed with, inspired, and over-the-moon excited by this show. The twists on the fairy tales are so genius, I mean, the storytelling. The storytelling. And the actors are as amazing as the characters they play. My favorite is Rumplestiltskin. (Come on, isn't he just the best villain that you can't help but root for?)

And all the love stories.

There are so many. The obvious love stories like Snow and Charming, and the ones between families, which I think are more of the foundation of the show as well as the fairy tales. I think that's the point the writers are trying to make. It's not really about the love stories between princes and princesses, but about the stories of love that made them who they are, that got them to where they needed to be to find their prince or princess. That's what everyone watching can relate to. How you can be angry at a parent, but can't help your love for them. How some of us just want to believe in the good we see in people, no matter how many times those people may choose the other side.

So, back to the storytelling (I feel like I'm all over the place with this show). I really like that it's told the same way Lost was, focusing on one character per episode. If you never watched Lost (really?! Come on! Get on that bandwagon!), every episode was told in the present and then flashed back to the past about one particular character. You are told in each episode exactly what you need to know about the past in order for what's going on in the present to make sense. Like I said, genius storytelling. They always drop just enough on you in each episode to bring out the exclamations of surprise, on top of which I'm usually crying and laughing too. Because, ultimately, you become attached to the characters, you feel for them. The root of a good story is well-developed characters. The characters are the story.

All of these aspects put together and what do you get? A story you just can't stop thinking about.

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