Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Going for a ride!

Around the beginning of summer I finally got myself a bike! (pictured above) It was becoming quite ridiculous that I didn't have one considering I'd lived in my apartment (which is about 12 blocks from the beach in Santa Monica) for a year at this point and all of my neighbors had bikes. (Needless to say, my summer has consisted of many 2am drunken bike rides back home from the bar with the neighbors!) One Saturday I just decided it was time and Shannon, one of my awesome neighbors (and pictured in my previous post), came with me to purchase it. A very delightful Saturday afternoon (and very entertaining indeed to see Shannon, who is about 6'2", get on that pretty blue bike and take it for a test ride!) and I was very greatful to have him with me when I needed to fit that bike in the trunk of my car. Not an easy task, but definetely worth it.
 Oh, my bike, how I love you! Isn't it just gorgeous?! I swear, I've never been stared at more than when I'm riding this bike. We've had plenty of daytime rides as well, especially weekend afternoons to the beach. I hadn't been on a bike for years when I bought it and the first ride felt like flying. It's great.
Well, my little missy blue (haha, that just came out! Everyone's been telling me to name my bike, but I haven't thought of anything until now...not sure if that will stick) has been residing in my kitchen and I haven't been riding as often. I think when I get home tonight we're going to go for a ride. That sounds absolutely lovely!


Erin said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your bike! It is entirely gorgeous!

Amanda said...

Thanks! I had a feeling you'd like it considering its color!..I like it too :)

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