Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sam's Farewell

I realized I didn't get to share any of the first part of my long weekend, which started out with one of my neighbors and best friends, Sam, leaving California on Friday morning to go back to his home state of Minnesota. We had a going-away party of sorts last Wednesday night, which got pretty humorous when Sam decided last-minute as we were leaving to go to Barney's to wear these fake teeth he got for his birthday a few months back. I was the only one with a camera and I took it upon myself to get as many of Sam with those teeth as possible!
Haha! Allison, Sam and me

Allison, me and Kelly

Sam and Trevor

Mark and Liz

Shannon, Allison and me

It was karaoke night at Barney's

I love this one: Sam, Ric, Mark and Shannon

The best neighbors ever!
Almost a little disturbing isn't it? That's Sam for you! I already miss him!

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