Monday, September 21, 2009


It seems I'm starting a theme here with different countries after posting about Paris, even though I didn't mean to. Over the summer I met a guy named Zeynel (pronounced zay-nel, we call call him Zane) from Istanbul, Turkey visiting here while on summer break for school. He met one of my neighbors while working at the Santa Monica pier and they became friends quickly. Naturally, he became friends with the rest of us as well. I knew him for such a short time, but he is such a great person he made quite an impression on us all. Last night was his last night in America and so I thought it appropriate to dedicate this post to him and the very beautiful city he is from.

(Ironically enough, Elle Decor had an article about Istanbul last month that was really great. It gives advice on what to see and where to visit. One more place on my list of destinations I must visit!)
And so I say goodbye to Zeynel. I will miss you.

Me, Sam (my neighbor I spoke of above) and Zeynel

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