Wednesday, September 16, 2009


As I am taking all this time to set up this blog it is becoming apparent to me how much I don't know about all this technology stuff. I'm usually the last to join something like myspace or facebook and I'm still not on twitter, but I do tend to catch on quickly. Still, it's frustrating to find that I can't decide on a template for my blog based on the fact that I want my post titles to be a different color than the rest of the text on the post and I want the link on my blog to change color when you click on them...and then I'm not sure if I want my background to be a color or just white. I know I'll be posting a lot of pictures so I don't want the background to detract from that...decisions, decisions!

While I'm deciding I'm reading Metropolitan Home magazine and I found this really cool wood keyboard. I'm pretty sure it's all in Japanese, but I thought I'd share that with you since it fits in so nicely with the topic at hand. Check out other cool wood products from the same company here.

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Kourt said...

I've only had my blog for a short time, and I've already changed my layout/template four times! It's a process, but you should figure it out quickly. I've learned a lot already- I can't wait to figure out more!

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