Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween is Here!!

The girls: Kelly, Liz and me

The boys: Trevor, Ric, Mark and Shannon

Oh my goodness, last night was so much fun! They had a costume contest over at Barney's Beanery on the 3rd St. Promenade so we all got dressed up and entered in the contest. Mark went all out and made his costume out of beer boxes! lol I was entertained just watching him make it. Trevor showed up in a tux with a choice of either a Ronald Reagan mask or a crazy wig, which he ended up going with as you can see in the photo above (Mark had fun with that Reagan mask later in the night lol) and said he was a crazy conductor. Shannon's Slash costume is one he's rocked before so he already had everything for it, but was bummed to find he didn't have any silver braclets. Kelly already had her pink wig and I think Ric already had his mask too. Liz brought her Facebook t-shirt and filled half of it before we left and then kept updating it as the night went on while still wearing it. That was pretty entertaining! I was a little bummed that I didn't end up getting a full picture of my costume. You can only see the top half of me in all the pictures so you miss out on my knee high socks and shoes I went all the way to the Westside Pavillion Payless in a butt load of traffic to get because they didn't have my size at the payless in Santa Monica. Anyways, I rocked that costume! And I met my male match last night too:

Oh so fantastic! :) There was a guy there dressed as Bruno who won the costume contest; the sexiest costume went to a girl dressed as a Cowboys Cheerleader, who was one of the three girls I danced on the pool table with (yes, I danced on the pool table. I never get to be one of those girls that gets all the attention of the guys in the room. It was way too fun!), and there was a guy dressed as Layfayette from Trueblood who won the best look-alike contest. 
There was also a limbo contest going on, which I participated in and totally fell on my butt lol, and Liz totally rocked it making it to the final two.

 Some guy's costume was Pictionary lol

I love this picture! Liz, Marky B, Kelly, Trevor and me

Mark was making us laugh so hard in that costume! He kept accidentily dipping that front piece in his drinks lol
When we got home I decided to dance around in Shannon's hat and entertain everyone
Me and Shannon at the end of the night. This is one of two pictures I have with just him and I took both of them last night, but we're not smiling in either of them! *sigh* I've known him for 7 months and I have yet to get a really good picture of the two of us...This one cracks me up because we both look like thugs lol.

A very, very fun night, I must say! And now I think I might go out in my costume again :)


Midtown Girl said...

Happy Halloween chickie!!

Have an award/tag for you ;-)

And your costume is fabulous!


Amanda said...

Hahaha thanks! I loved that costume!

OceanDreams said...

What a fun costume! I love it! Glad you had a fun Halloween.

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