Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Martha Stewart Halloween Snacks & Drinks

I could spend all day on Martha Stewart's website! It's way too much fun! She's got so much great stuff for Halloween right now it's overwhelming. The best so far is the Halloween cocktails (an assortment of black vodka cocktails shown above).
("Bloody Black Currant Punch" and look at all that chocolate! It's making my mouth water!)

("Pina Ghoulada"...these are eerily pretty)
Check out the rest of the creepy cocktails here (I especially like the Blood Red Hot Chocolate!)

Check out all the Halloween dishes here.

And there's sweats and treats gallore!
Not to mention all of the Halloween decorations, crafts and costumes. I think I'll have to save those for another day :)


OceanDreams said...

I think with all of your pictures I might start hanging out on her site too...you are right a few of those desserts are a bit creepy, but I bet really good!

Amanda said...

I know right! I want to sample all of them!

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