Monday, October 12, 2009

My Weekend

It's a gloomy morning over here by the beach, but I'm having a very good hair day so I say that makes up for it! Don't you love those kind of days? Most of my weekend was spent in front of my computer watching endless episodes of Lost, which I remember being obsessed with when it was on tv and now is no different. I just want to know what happens!

I did venture out on my bike over to the promenade on Saturday to check out Potterybarn's curtains:

They're called the Cameron drapes and they're some of Potterybarn's cheapest curtains, but they're actually very nice in person. There's nothing compared to feeling something in your hands before you buy it. I'm determined to have these in my apartment very soon. I also found this little book of Fortune-telling for your name and I had to look up what it said for my name: "Be patient. You are destined to find true love." I have to admit I've been hearing that a lot lately; well, the 'be patient' part of it. My best friend, Shannon, has certainly been teaching me the meaning of patience lately (and I mean that in a good way!). It was so perfect what the book said for his name (which yes, was under girl's names, but who cares): "You are admired for the rare combination of keen intelligence and approachability." That is so Shannon it's almost scary! Anyone who knows him would agree. I always love finding little things like that to share with my firends.

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