Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Beach and Cookies

I tagged along on a "photography field trip" on Saturday with Shannon and our friend Vlad, who had just acquired a new camera. Shannon is a photographer and wanted to show Vlad how to use the camera. We rode our bikes down to the beach and then walked down to the water. I helped find flat rocks good for skipping, which made for some really awesome photos. (And my camera on my phone doesn't take terrible photos either!)
We walked down to the Santa Monica Pier from the beach once it was dark and I was starting to freeze and stopped at Bubba Gumps for a drink. Shannon took some photos on the pier and then couldn't help himself when he saw this bubble machine. 
Today I decided I wanted to make cookies, which I haven't done in a while and I really enjoy doing. I've been baking alot of brownies lately and needed a change. Anyway, I was really craving those chocolate cookies with the white chocolate chips:
Yep, here's a plate just for you! They're delicious!


OceanDreams said... is just what I needed! Yum! Love your ocean pictures, I went to the ocean and took some pictures this past weekend too! Glad you are doing better.

audrey said...

i love so much cookies!!!! so yummy^^

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