Saturday, April 17, 2010


Today I decided to do a little DIY project I've been planning for this last week. My desk sits right beside my bed so it doubles as a beside table. I have a few odds and ends I use at night that I like to have right next to me (like my chapstick, earplugs and kleenex) that were cluttering up my desk and I couldn't take it anymore. I found a shoebox of my mom's that happened to fit a typical tissue box perfectly and decided to use it to act as my little bedside table box. The shoebox was pink and I wasn't having that so I went and got some solid color wrapping paper. This is how it turned out:

Here's the box before

I wrapped the top first just to experiment with wrapping techniques.

Then on to the box: I started by taping the box to the middle of the paper and then traced fold lines with my finger along the paper so I knew where to cut.

I cut out the corners (I basically made my own template).

And then folded the edges over to fold creases into the corners (as shown above), which will be folded on the inside.

I taped the corners in so they wouldnn't move around and stay flat when I folded the flap of paper over.

Then I taped the edges down to the bottom corners of the box and it's done!

Now all my odds and ends stay in one spot, out of the way in a rather stylish little box!

I used to do this kind of crafty stuff a lot when I was younger and I've really missed it. I just put on the headphones and shut out everything else for an hour or two. It's completely relaxing to me, like art, which I've also been doing a lot more of lately. It's so nice to have the time to get my creativity back because my full time job was sucking all the creativity from me (more like repressing my creativity actually. It was not a creative job and you'd think Interior Design would be creative, but when you're working for someone else, it's never your creativity that gets put into the job, it's the boss's). Lately, I've felt as though my brain has been waking up; I remember things a little better and I just have all these creative juices flowing. Now I've got at least two or three projects going at once, including my writing. It's glorious! There's no other word for it (well, perhaps perfect would do, or heavenly...yep, this is my own personal heaven).

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