Monday, April 12, 2010


April 5 My mom's tea cups from her grandmother. Aren't they pretty?!!
April 6 The beach Park
April 7 Emma helping me put my new chair together
April 8 Packing up the china cabinet
April 9 A garden down the street from me
April 10 Emma playing with a string of leather
April 11 Watching Life

I was very good this week until yesterday. I got lazy and nearly forgot to take a picture until I was comfortably watching Life on the sofa with a bag of popcorn while it was pouring rain outside. So that last picture seemed fitting. We're almost done with rearranging the living room, we just have to get some strong men to help us remove the china cabinet (which belongs to the owner of our apartment). Then we'll have to rehang most of the art on the walls as well. I'll be sure to post pictures when everything is done!

Now on to a new week! I've got a lot of writing to do! (Although, I am very proud of myself; last week I got from somewhere around page 9 or 10 to page 26. If I can keep that up I'll definitely have it done by the end of May!)


Susanna Banana said...

I love those tea cups! they're so cute.

Sarah Lynn said...

Cute cat and cute teacups. :) I've always wished I liked tea, so I could buy a cute little tea set.

Brandi said...

Amanda, you've been so good about taking photos every day. I'm so impressed. And Emma is so cute.

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