Thursday, May 6, 2010

Magic Mountain

My mom and I went to Magic Mountain yesterday and had a total blast!! We actually went almost exactly one year ago as well. I suppose it's becoming an annual tradition lol. Sounds like a great tradition to me!

So this is the front of the park from the parking lot. If you've never been, the big white roller coaster is Colossus - which I believe at one time was one of the only wooden roller coasters around - and is the oldest wooden roller coaster at Magic Mountain; the red and green one is Goliath (best classic coast with no loops ever!!) and the white tower-looking track in the back is Superman.

We saw tweety, bugs, and coyote (pictured above), batman, wonderwoman, and daffy as we walked into the park. We went to X2 first and then Viper, which I hadn't been on in years, then Tatsu, Terminator Salvation and Deja Vu. Terminator is the newest ride at the park and my mom and I were really surprised it was sooooo fast because it's another wooden roller coaster and they usually aren't that fast.

After we had lunch we decided we want to get on a water ride so we walked to the Log Jammer. I've always loved the water rides. They're so calming and you get to sit for a while; although, that really wasn't an issue yesterday because there were no lines! Not only that, but the weather was absolutely perfect: not to hot with just a little breeze. Best day for Magic Mountain :)

So anyway, the Log Jammer was hilarious! I decided to brave the front and my mom sat in the back. We got to the first drop, which wasn't big of a drop, but I put my hands up so I wasn't holding on to anything and so when we got to the bottom I totally slid to the right side and nearly flew out the side of the log lol! (turns out I bruised my right arm and my left knee, but I didn't feel it at the time. Yeah, feelin now though.) My mom and I were laughing so hard at this point that by the time we got to the big drop at the end we were already laughing! That drop was much bigger though, and even holding on to the sides didn't keep my whole body from nearly flying all the way under the front of the log. Not to mention, most of my right side was soaked lol. Needless to say, we got off the ride laughing hysterically! My mom couldn't stop laughing after seeing me fly all over the place from behind me the whole ride. We were still laughing when we got home last night lol.

After the Log Jammer we got on the Goliath. I have a special place in my heart for Goliath. Not only did I first ride it with my first boyfriend, who also has a special place in my heart, but it represents a major turning point for that park. It was the first of all the newest amazing rides at Magic Mountain. It seems that the last few times I've gone I've ridden it last; saving the best for last I guess.

And I have a new special place in my heart for Goliath: just as it was my mom and I's turn to get on the ride this MM employee walks in from the opposite side of the track with a VIP card around his neck and this young couple who totally got to cut in line to sit in the front row, which is always the longest wait. He explained to the line for the front row (there were only two people per line for every other line. It was just that kind of a day. So awesome.) that his guests - a girl and a guy - were on a VIP tour of the park and apologized for holding them up. As I got in to my seat in the third row I saw the side of the girl's face and thought she looked an awful lot like Kelly Osbourne, but couldn't tell for sure because she had her jacket hood on over her head.

By the time we got off and I caught a full view of the girl's face I realized it was Kelly Osbourne. When I heard her speak with a British accent I had no doubts. My mom was doubtful at first because she didn't know that Kelly had lost a bunch of weight. And she has indeed! She's tiny actually! She seemed quite lovely and handled being stared at by fellow park goers with relative ease. I have to admit I was slightly star struck, but it was nothing compared to all the people getting off the ride with us that stole glances at Ms. Osbourne and her male friend while they all checked out their pictures from the ride (no one stood behind them btw. It was like even in a crowd of people they still stood alone). It's crazy to think of what that would even be like, having everyone know who you are, but now know you. You know?

Anyway, that was my star sighting for probably like the whole year lol. We got Coldstone ice cream on the way out, which was really good, but way too sweet and I couldn't even eat the whole thing. My mom and I joked that we should have a freezer put in the trunk of her car for situations such as that. And I took the picture above on the way out of the park.

Such a great day! And even though I feel rather like a have the flu because my body is so sore, all the pain was worth it :)

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Miss Caitlin S. said...

Yes, yes, yes!!! So fun to go to parks and you saw Kelly Osbourne!??!?! I am so freaking jealous.

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