Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

It was my mom's birthday on Friday and being in celebration mode has kept me from the computer all weekend. It's been pretty nice actually. We went to dinner at Cafe Fiori's in Ventura and then met some of her friends at the bar at the Watermark called W20, which is where we went for St. Patty's. Yep, we like it there lol. We all had a blast!

There was lots of dancing and fun to be had! Then yesterday my mom and I went to see Sex and the City 2! So good! We loved it! I just love all the clothes in that movie! It's insane all the amazing things those women get to wear for that movie! And the exotic locations, OMG! I want to ride a camel now lol! It was awesome! Go see it if you haven't already!

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Melanie's Randomness said...

aww Happy Birthday to your mom!!! You guys look so much alike! Looks like you both had a fun day! I went to see SATC 2 with my mom too!!

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