Friday, May 14, 2010

A letter for my future husband...

I've been rather depressed lately and feeling annoyed with being depressed over the same damn thing I've been sad about for the past few months; well, more like this whole year actually, and since I don't feel like talking about it I thought I'd share this letter I wrote last week to my future husband:

May 7, 2010

Dear Husband-to-be,

I’ve been thinking of you as of late.

Or perhaps I would prefer ‘you’ve been on my mind.’ Yes, I like that better. Because I’d like to think that somewhere out there I’m on your mind.

I got this lovely idea to write these letters to you from this girl named Meg who has a blog called ‘The Wild and Willy Ways of a Brunette Bombshell’. She writes her own letters to her future husband on her blog and she told of how she got the idea from a friend who had written letters at all the major events in her life and then presented them to her husband on their wedding day.

I, of course, immediately fell in love with the idea. But I was so blown away by Meg’s creative way of writing her letters that I was a bit intimidated and couldn’t bring myself to write my first letter for months (which would be now).

Which is silly, I know this.

Those are her words. Her way of expressing her voice. And I have my own.

This will obviously be one of your favorite things about me; my form of expressing my voice, that is – obviously.

Oh, and my superbly large vocabulary, you’ll like that too (and I’m hoping it will be infinitely larger by the time we meet).

But you’ll love everything about me, naturally.


I know, you’ll have to be patient with my frequent…no, not the right word…my not-so-frequent (haha!) bouts of self-consciousness. You’ll know I just need a hug and some reassurance and I’ll be good to go.

I could use some of that at the moment. This letter is making me a bit self-conscious.

But like I mentioned before, I’ll be writing to you at major events of my life (or whenever I want really) and I’d say this qualifies as a major event.

I just recently realized my career I went to school for four years for is no longer my first choice of careers. And I switched to writing full-time.

It’s hard. Not as easy as it sounds.

You don’t k now it yet, but your future wife is going to be a famous author.

So why am I writing to you, you say? (Funny one babe, funny.)

No, really.


So I suppose I’m not so self-conscious on the subject of my inevitable fame.

But I sometimes wonder how much longer I must wait to find you and that’s when I get a bit self-conscious.

I haven’t met you yet and I already miss you.

Oh, how I long to meet you!

So please, do your best and speed things up a bit will you? Because now I’m getting far too excited thinking of the first time I’ll see your face. (I dream of you already you know, but you don’t have a face yet. Creepy, no?)

Or perhaps not creepy at all.


Your ever-impatient and eagerly-awaiting-your-arrival


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