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I had a pretty eventful week last week. Monday my brother was in town to have our family pictures taken by one of my mom's photographer friends (pictures to come!) for mother's day. Tuesday my mom and I were woken very early by some unforeseen circumstances and so we went out to the beach to take a walk and I wanted to show you some more pictures from our beach excursion:

There was this spot were the water had made a stream and the water and the sand were making the coolest patterns so I couldn't resist taking pictures.

Wednesday we went to Magic Mountain, which was what my last post was about. That was a blast! Thursday I was so sore from Magic Mountain I didn't do much except for laundry. Friday night I had some wine and watched Pride & Prejudice again because I just can't help myself!!

Yesterday was Mother's Day and my mom and I had a jam-packed day: we went to church, to the Farmer's Market (in record timing too; we were there for all of 20 mintues), then to Mrs. Olsen's for lunch, and then we went to see this Beatles cover band play at the Canyon Club in Agora Hills. That was awesome! They sounded just like the Beales and even referred to each other by the name of whatever band member they were impersonating. They took pictures at the end with everyone, but I only had my camera on my phone and the lighting sucked so this is all I got:

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