Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Necromancer

I finished The Necromancer by Michael Scott on Tuesday. It's the 4th book of the Nicholas Flamel series. Book 5, The Warlock, will be out next year and there's a sixth book, The Enchantress, coming out in 2012. So excited to read them and find out how this incredible story ends! This one was just as much of a page turner as the first three. It's shocking, it's exciting, it's emotional and I loved it!

I think what I like most about these books is there are always so many new characters, information, stories and places in every book. It's rather incredible story telling because he's telling so many different stories from so many different points of view and weaving them all together so masterfully. Being a writer of fantasy myself I can totally appreciate all the work that must have gone into the planning of these books.

So anyway, I highly recommend the series, which starts with The Alchemyst. Learn more about the books and the author here.


Brandi said...

I've been TRYING to get my hands on this book (I'm being cheap this summer and using the library). I want to read it SO badly. I loved the first three books, and I'm thrilled you liked this one. That makes me want to work that much harder.

Amanda said...

I know! It's awesome! I had a tough time getting it as well. I recommend requesting it at your library and then, when it comes in you'll be the first in line to get it!

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